Our fully integrated value chain provides comprehensive solutions to our customers and generates meaningful value for our shareholders. Our team is continually evaluating and examining a variety of projects and would welcome a discussion around any of the four areas below.


The Power Sector Hydrogen is a zero-carbon source for dispatchable energy including in the transportation sector and for generating electricity on demand.


Industrial Heating - Hydrogen is particularly suited to high-temperature processes including cement, aluminum, glass, and pulp and paper processes. 


Industrial Feedstock - We can provide zero-emission blue hydrogen for oil refining, ammonia production, and other uses (including urea, methanol, iron, steel, etc.).


Commercial/Residential Heating Through blending with existing natural gas lines.


Geological Understanding We have a strong geological background and can store current emissions including flue gas in sub-surface formations.

Enhanced Oil Recovery/Enhanced Gas Recovery - We can provide high purity C02 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR/EGR) schemes.

Carbon Tax Mitigation We can mitigate carbon tax exposure and potentially generate a new carbon credit revenue stream.


SpectrumH2 can explore innovative ways to supply or distribute Hydrogen and Carbon Dioxide; tailored to your business needs and demands. 

Transportation For large fleet vehicles, from Tractor/Trailers to forklifts; we can blend hydrogen with biodiesel, CNG, and other fuels.

Hydrogen Storage Solutions This can be provided through sub-surface geologic storage or above-ground tank storage in liquid or gas forms.


SpectrumH2 can support and provide solutions associated with Hydrogen adoption including vehicles and equipment.  We will work with partners and customers to finance solutions with capital and government funding.

Green Hydrogen Solutions - Particularly where green electricity is produced and water are abundant.

Hydrogen production through to end-use overview.
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