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City of Calgary, Mayor's Innovation Challenge Finalist
July, 2021



The Mayor’s Innovation Challenge invites creative thinkers to share their ideas for how The City of Calgary can advance innovative energy solutions to build a more resilient community. SpectrumH2 is 1 of 9 Finalists.

"How might we advance innovative energy solutions on the path to net-zero emissions in order to achieve economic, social and environmental resilience?"

May 21st, 2021

Current & Critical: Hydrogen - The Future for Alberta


With many global manufacturers moving away from gasoline-powered engines to electric vehicles, there’s another similar niche that Alberta is perfectly positioned to capitalize on: hydrogen and CO2 capture.

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Prairie Sky Investor Day Presentation
May 18th, 2021

SpectrumH2's commercial arrangement with Prairie Sky Royalty Ltd. was recently featured in their Investor Day Presentation.


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“Blue” Hydrogen Projects using Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology

Current Hydrogen & CCUS Leasing Transactions


Current Hydrogen & CCUS Leasing Transactions Commercial Arrangements

2021 Investor Day Presentation_PrairieSk
2021 Investor Day Presentation_PrairieSk
2021 Investor Day Presentation_PrairieSk



PrairieSky Investor Day Presentation

CALGARY, Alberta May 18, 2021