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We invite you to review our most recent corporate presentation to learn more about SpectrumH2 and reach out with any questions, comments, or open discussion.

Browse current articles about Hydrogen, with the most recent feature focusing on fueling the desire for Hydrogen in Alberta. 


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Towards a fuel hydrogen economy in the Calgary Region:
A Feasibility Study 

Authored by The Transition Accelerator for the Calgary Region Hydrogen Task Force, the Hydrogen Feasibility Study demonstrates the opportunity hydrogen can play in the drive towards a net-zero future. 


"The study concludes that Alberta is “superbly positioned” to be a leader in the hydrogen economy. As the first of four steps to create a regional hydrogen strategy, the study encourages the development of a Calgary region hydrogen hub to support new value chains for the production, transportation and use of hydrogen as a fuel. A Calgary region hub would create a vital link between the Edmonton Region Hydrogen Hub and other population centres in Western Canada to create hydrogen corridors that support heavy-duty road and rail transport."  

SpectrumH2 is proud to be a sponsor of the report: Towards a Fuel Hydrogen Economy in the Calgary Region: A Feasibility Study. Thanks to the team at The Transition Accelerator for delivering a top-notch hydrogen report for the City of Calgary region.


Read The Full Feasibility Study here:

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The Most Suitable Regions for Carbon Storage Around the World. Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin is one of the largest.

An interesting quick reference to the suitable regions for Carbon Storage in Canada, and around the world from The Global CCS Institute. Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin is one of the largest suitable basins in the world for Carbon Storage. This area includes southwestern MB, southern SK, AB, northeastern BC, and the southwest corner of the NWT.

SpectrumH2 is keenly invested - learn more about our advancements in this field and how SpectrumH2 can assist in your CCS project.


Read The Full Article from ENERGYminute Here:

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Four Alberta-led CCUS projects receive funding as part of international partnership

EDMONTON, AB, March 3, 2022 // Emissions Reduction Alberta - SpectrumH2 and our partners Carbon Management Canada (CMC), are very excited and thankful, to be selected for funding by Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) through the Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) fund, for the project of Reusing depleted oil and gas fields for CO₂ sequestration!


Read The Full Press Release:

November 2021

Alberta is preparing for a lower emission future. The Hydrogen Roadmap is a key part of that future and Alberta's Recovery Plan. The roadmap is our path to building a provincial hydrogen economy and accessing global markets. It contains several policy actions that will be introduced in the coming months and years, and it provides support to the sector as technology and markets develop.

Alberta is already the largest hydrogen producer in Canada. We have all the resources, expertise, and technology needed to quickly become a global supplier of clean, low-cost hydrogen. With a worldwide market estimated to be worth over $2.5 trillion a year by 2050, hydrogen can be the next great energy export that fuels jobs, investment and economic opportunity across our province.

There are 5 important markets for the growth of clean hydrogen in Alberta: Residential and Commercial Heating, Power Generation and Energy Storage, Transportation, Industrial Processes, and Export Markets.

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SpectrumH2 signs LOI for Carbon Capture and Sequestration and MOU for Blue Hydrogen
November, 2021

CALGARY, AB, Nov. 30, 2021 /CNW/ - SpectrumH2 announced today that the company has executed a Letter of Intent to assess the feasibility of a large-scale, carbon-capture facility and associated sequestration project in Alberta. SpectrumH2 has engaged a local EPC firm to assist in the initial engineering stages of the project. The comprehensive project includes the capture of CO2 at a large-scale industrial site and the transportation and sequestration of CO2 indefinitely into a suitable geologic formation.


Read The Full Press Release:

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Mr. Melvin "Mel" Benson
September, 2021

It is with profound sadness that we announce that our fellow advisor, mentor, and friend passed away this September 2021. Mel accomplished much through his life and was the recipient of many awards and honours. He was honoured by his National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Business and Commerce and Aboriginal Business Lifetime Achievement Award. His natural leadership, mentorship, resilience, self-determination and generosity, with individuals, family, friends, community and his Nation is something we are all inspired by. Please review his full obituary below in the link provided:

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City of Calgary, Mayor's Innovation Challenge Finalist
July, 2021



The Mayor’s Innovation Challenge invites creative thinkers to share their ideas for how The City of Calgary can advance innovative energy solutions to build a more resilient community. SpectrumH2 was 1 of 9 Finalists.

"How might we advance innovative energy solutions on the path to net-zero emissions in order to achieve economic, social and environmental resilience?"

Collisions YYC_Hydrogen - The Future for
May 21st, 2021

Current & Critical: Hydrogen - The Future for Alberta


With many global manufacturers moving away from gasoline-powered engines to electric vehicles, there’s another similar niche that Alberta is perfectly positioned to capitalize on: hydrogen and CO2 capture.

Listen To The Podcast Here: 

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Prairie Sky Investor Day Presentation
May 18th, 2021

SpectrumH2's commercial arrangement with Prairie Sky Royalty Ltd. was recently featured in their Investor Day Presentation.

“Blue” Hydrogen Projects using Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology Proven and scalable industry with global production of >70 Mt/year Electrolysis uses 2x as much water and 5x -6x more energy than SMR Operating and capital costs are 4x–6x less than electrolysis production. Depending on the electricity supply, electrolysis can generate significantly more CO 2 and use more resources than SMR with CCUS.


Click Below to View the Full Presentation:



Four Alberta-led CCUS projects receive funding as part of an international partnership. SpectrumH2 & Carbon Management Canada (CMC) selected for funding.

Edmonton, Alberta March 3rd, 2022 

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