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CO2 Sequestration


Carbon storage in depleted reservoirs, rock caverns, and aquifers, is often referred to as carbon sequestration. By returning carbon to the sub-surface, companies are able to eliminate a carbon liability and generate carbon revenue. 

Carbon sequestration solutions are constantly evolving, and one of the most proven and effective ways to sequester carbon is to purify the carbon dioxide stream, compress CO2 into a liquid and return it to the pore spaces within the geologic formation which it came from. 


Companies are able to achieve their net-zero goals through carbon sequestration and can continue to utilize significant, low-cost feedstocks for generating energy. In addition to simply storing CO2 in the sub-surface geology, carbon dioxide can be used to enhance oil recovery. Carbon credit revenue can also be generated in certain circumstances through sequestration.

Carbon Credits can be calculated and determined based on provincial jurisdiction, currently, the most common programs for dealing with carbon abatement are a cap & trade system and a carbon tax. Ask us how to help calculate yours. 

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